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A Space to Call My Own

Updated: Feb 4

If you've followed me on Instagram for a while you probably know that I'm married and have a family. So, why do I need space when I have my own home? Well, because I'm married. And have a family. Also we've been living in a tiny stairwell apartment for the past three years and there's not been a single place for me to work aside from my living room sofa and occasionally the dining room table. So now that we're moving to a house with some extra space I can finally have an office! When you work from home it can be difficult to find a decent work/life balance, this is even more true when you have children (mine are school-aged, but #momlife doesn't take a break). I'm the type of person that will hyperfocus on work and realize that the whole school day has passed by and that I forgot to eat. Conversely, I will also blow off work completely because I got sidetracked hyperfocusing on something else. It's a real pain, so I figured that having a space that's specifically for work will help me with that. Also I can use it for filming as right now I have to take down everything after every use, which makes me not want to make videos.

I have my little list of things I need to buy for my office; a desk, storage for supplies, a new printer. I hate printer shopping. My Epson was a beast and I loved it, but it's discontinued now and so I have to find one that can handle thick paper and produce quality art prints and other products. I intend to start selling physical products on my Etsy shop, right now they're just digital downloads, and of course my printer just had to die this year. I have my eye on a Canon PIXMA though, I did my research and it seems like a good one and it's not too expensive. I'm very excited, I can't wait to share it with you all! That would probably make a good video too...

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