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Requesting a commission
1.    The artist can be contacted via email at, under the subject line 'Commission'.

2.    In your email please state your name, contact info (if other than email address used), type of commission and a detailed description (See Commission Info).

1.    After the final design has been approved the file will be delivered via email in the requested file types, in 300 dpi. If no specific file type is requested, a high quality jpg and png will be sent.

2.    All illustration work will be signed, with the exception of tattoos and business branding.

1.    The artist requires 50% of the commission payment before starting on the preliminary rough sketches. The remaining amount of the payment must be paid in full upon receiving the final design. Sketches will be provided for the client's review. The client is entitled to three sketch revisions, free of charge. More than the allotted revisions, or revisions to the final design, will cost extra.

2.    The artist accepts payment through PayPal only. Please do not send payment until the artist has responded with confirmation that she'll take on the commission, as she reserves the right to deny any commission requests.


3.    Prices are subject to change based on the complexity of the request.

4.    Initial payment is non-refundable after 24 hours of artist's payment confirmation e-mail.

5.    If the client is unsatisfied with the final work, the artist will waive the final payment. Please note that the client will not retain any rights to the content created if the project is cancelled by either party, or if the client is unsatisfied with the final work.

6.    In the event that a commission the artist agreed to cannot be completed by fault of the artist, a FULL refund will be given to the client.

1.    The artist retains the right to use commissioned artwork for portfolio use. However, in the case of portraits, the artist will honor the client's wishes if they don't want it to be used for portfolio purposes.

2.    Any artwork received by the client may NOT be:

  • Resold or used for commercial purposes. Commissions are intended for non-commercial use only, with the exception of business logos/branding, unless it has been discussed and agreed upon by the artist.

  • Altered in any way, unless permission is expressly given by the artist.

  • Posted without credit to the artist.


3.    Client retains all rights to their respective characters and intellectual property, but not the commissioned artwork itself. The artist will not claim ownership of the client's original character if used for portfolio purposes.

4.    Client does not have the right to use or post/share any process content.

5.    The artist reserves the right to issue a refund and cancel a commission due to poor communication, rudeness or inappropriate behavior.

6.    The client must read, understand and agree to the Terms of Service before payment is sent. By sending payment, the client agrees to the Terms of Service.

If you have any questions about the above terms, don't hesitate to email me at

Thank you :)

Terms of Service